Trever Tilton, Co Editor-in-Chief

Covid-19. What feels like the most-used, heard and seen phrase for anything that has happened in the last few years. It is now seemingly a thing of the past in our everyday lives.

However, one of the main issues that the virus caused was a massive increase in inflation throughout virtually everything in the world’s economy. In turn, this caused delays.

This massive increase in inflation during this short period of time has caused some slight issues…

These slight issues do not only happen in major stores but even in our schools. Specifically, De Soto (DHS), has recently re-applied its three-dollar lunch cost because the government lowered funding to schools for food. Additional money is also required still if a student chooses to get a la carte item.

The most outrageous thing about this is the rise in price for a singular cookie. 

Considering how delicious they are, the reimagined tasty snack came with a pretty heavy price bump. 

In the past, cookies cost $0.60… Now the price of a single cookie is $0.75. And the school is taking an additional $0.15 on top of the $3.00 for a regular lunch (excluding a la carte).

This accounts for almost $0.75 a week extra, or $3.75 if you wanted to eat a cookie per school lunch. If you wanted to eat cookies every day for a month, it would cost a student (or their parents) around $15.00.

In all seriousness, the inflating price of cookies is a massive issue that needs a solution as soon as possible.

The only possible solution that would work, would have to be a black market during lunch…

Hear me out, the most effective solution to this problem would be for kids to bring and sell snacks during lunch. It won’t only benefit the receiver, but it would also help the person selling the food. 

This business idea could finally allow students to stop complaining about being broke, after blowing their entire paycheck on the outrageous cookie prices.