Too much hype for school dances?

Emma Hellerich, Co-Feature Editor

Some of the most memorable experiences for high school students are school dances, like fall and winter homecoming and prom. But aren’t these school dances a bit overhyped?

The majority of students at De Soto High School, including myself, think that the dances themselves can really be hit or miss. 

My first high school dance was in a sweaty gym, with girls not wearing shoes (because heels aren’t allowed on the gymnasium floor), and boys who put on way too much Axe body spray. 

Figuring out the ropes of a high school dance is a chore, believe it or not. Finalizing a group, who your date will be, what friends you’re going with, what to do after, etc. It really is a fiasco. 

That is why I have never really bothered with winter homecoming and I have only been to two high school dances, both my freshman and junior year fall homecoming. During my sophomore year, COVID-19 prevented me and all other high school students from attending a school dance. It really wasn’t too bad though.

In all honesty, the worst part of the dance is the DJ. I know Student Council members do their best to find a reputable DJ at a good price, but my playlist might be better.

While my first high school dance may not have been the most memorable or favorite 30 minutes of my life, junior homecoming really made up for it.

Still dealing with COVID-19 limitations at the beginning of the school year, such as mask mandates, the Student Council decided that the dance would be on the football field, and it was a huge hit. It was truly a fun night, except when the DJ made us participate in a TikTok.

As my junior year is beginning to come to an end, I am beginning to get worked up about prom. The stress of finding a group, a date, a restaurant and finding a host/hostess for a group get-together after the dance is starting to take up lots of time and planning.

However it all works out in the end. At least I hope I will. After my junior prom, I am curious to see if I will still think that school dances are overhyped, or perhaps this dance will change my mind.