The Slushie Showdown

Ashlyn Hammel figures out where to get slushies for the best price


There are many different options if you want to get a good tasting slushie at the best price. 

After going around the school, I formed a list of six reliable places to get slushies. Using these places, I formed a survey for De Soto High School students to find out where the best place to get a slushie is. 

 I surveyed 130 DHS students and teachers to get their input. The options that people could choose from included: Quiktrip, Sonic, Casey’s, the movie theater, Mcdonalds and Murphy’s gas station.

The most popular option, with 58 votes, is Quiktrip. Quiktrip has 12 flavor options along with five different sizes. They offer a small size for $1.29, medium or ‘Big Q’ for $1.39, large for $1.69, extra large for $1.89 and finally a collectors cup that is $1.59. 

One very cool part about Quiktrip is that you can bring your own cups and get refills for a small price.  For a cup up to 34 oz it is $1.29, for a cup up to 100 oz it is $1.49 and for one gallon it is $1.99. 

“I like Quiktrip because the slushies don’t lose their flavor halfway through drinking them,” sophomore Will Hudelson said.

The second most popular choice, with 38 votes, was Sonic. If you are looking for a variety of flavor options, then Sonic is the place for you.

At Sonic, there are 21 different flavor options, but there can be more depending on the location you are at. Sonic charges $1.19 for a small, $1.99 for a medium, $2.39 for a large and $2.59 for a Route 44. In addition, if you order through the Sonic app you can get your slushie for half price.

Sonic also offers to put in candy and/or real fruit. For slushies with candy in them they charge slightly extra, $1.69 for a small, $2.49 for a medium, $2.89 for a large and $3.09 for a route 44. If you order a slushie with real fruit in it then it would be $2.19 for a small, $2.39 for a medium, $2.79 for a large and $2.99 for a route 44.  

“I chose Sonic because they have real slushies with actually good flavor,” junior Trever Tilton said.

Casey’s was the third most popular choice with a total of 21 votes. Casey’s has four flavor options and five size options. For an extra small they are $1.19, a small is $1.39, a medium is $1.49, a large is $1.69 and an extra large is $1.99.

“I chose Casey’s slushies because they are not too icy, but also not too liquidy. It’s the perfect consistency,” sophomore Ava O’brien said.

The movie theater was the fourth choice with five votes. They have four flavor options and three choices in size. They charge $5.50-$6.00 for a small, $6.50-$7.00 for a medium, and $7-$7.50 for a large. Although these slushies are expensive, they are something that you might get when you feel like going out to watch a movie. 

“I chose movie theater slushies because they are smoother than most slushies,” junior Ashton Hoffman said.

The fifth most popular choice was McDonald’s with four votes. McDonald’s charges $1.79 for a small, $2 for a medium and $2.29 for a large. Additionally, they have a total of 3 flavors. At McDonald’s you can download the Mcdonald’s app and earn a free slushie or one for only $1, any size.

“I chose McDonald’s because they have the best tasting blue raspberry flavor,” sophomore Andrew Powers said.

Finally, Murphy’s gas station had only three votes. Murphy’s also only has three flavors along with three sizes. They charge $1.09 for a small, $1.29 for a medium and $1.49 for a large slushie. 

“I chose Murphy’s because the texture of the slushies are so smooth compared to Quiktrip, where they have a rocky, chunky texture,” sophomore Lily Endsley said.

In my opinion, the best place to go for slushies would be Sonic because they have the most flavors, the best add-ins and they have happy hour starting at 2 p.m. which makes your drink even cheaper.