The effects of mid-day Seminar

The new 2021-2022 school year block schedule

The new 2021-2022 school year block schedule

Ashton Hoffman, Sports section editor

With so many changes happening this year at De Soto High School, there are plenty of opinions on what changes were good and what was bad. One change to the school year that has the students split is the addition of the mid-day Seminar between blocks two and four, with Seminar being named third block this year. 

Previously, Seminar was at the end of the day and wasn’t recognized as a real block. But now with it being in the middle of the day, I think it fits perfectly and is a better alternative than the end of the day Seminar. 

“I still have mixed feelings about it [mid-day Seminar],” senior Logan Boehm said. “Currently I like how I have a little time in the middle of the school day to get some work done before my next two class periods.”

For me, when I was a sophomore, end of the day Seminar was more of a watch youtube and nap kind of class, rather than do homework and catch up in a class. 

“I did kind of like end of the day Seminar because I could relax before the bell rang and before I would have to go to soccer practice,” Boehm said.

At the end of the day, students are tired from a hard day of learning and just want to go home. Therefore Seminar as the last class of the day was overall poorly placed. 

Now that Seminar is in the middle of the day, I have never been more productive in doing homework or catching up in different classes. Ironically, I typed up this whole story in Seminar. 

“I just never had any motivation to do any work whenever Seminar was my last class,” Boehm said.

As for Seminar being named third block, I and a lot of other people were confused and distraught at first. However, we are getting used to it. Seminar is only 40 minutes long, and I don’t think it should be named an actual block. 

Changing scheduling for school is always difficult, but as for this change, I’m sure this is something everyone can get used to.