Open letter to The Green Pride staff


Lynlee Hutchison, Editor in Chief

As my time as a member of The Green Pride quickly comes to a close, I have come to realize all of the things this experience has taught me. When my high school journey began, I never would have imagined I would have ended up on the De Soto High School newspaper staff, but I can easily say it was one of my favorite activities I was involved in over the past four years as a wildcat. The Green Pride ensured that I was always aware of school functions and achievements as well as local things going on in the community. As this experience continually educated me throughout my three years on staff, it also introduced me to many individuals that I will always hold close to my heart. Even with the changes and bumps along the road we faced this school year, I still had a blast and was honored to be an editor of the paper. This experience would have never been as impactful on me without you all and the help of our collective staff. With that, I now want to thank each of you individually.


To the lone freshman, Will: 

I want to thank you for joining our staff at semester and taking on something so new. Being thrown onto staff mid-year did not give you much time to adjust to the flow of newspaper and pulled your weight without ever complaining. You have been such a great addition to The Green Pride and I hope it is something you enjoy enough to continue pursuing throughout high school. The Tik Tok story will be one to remember. 


To the sophomores, Trevor and the Emma: 

With you both also being new additions to The Green Pride staff this year, I am so proud of the quality of work and dedication you provided this school year. This year has most definitely been strange and you both never used it as an excuse for ever turning in something without it being completed with 100 percent effort. Your significant design skills will be extremely beneficial to the staff in the future. I wish you both nothing but the best.


To the juniors, Abby, Bella, Ashton, Emma, Lindsay, DeLeana and Brady:

Take it all in, guys, because I promise in the blink of an eye you will be in my shoes, and trying to articulate everything you want to say while you have the chance. I have enjoyed being on staff and getting to know all of you. Thank you for always willingly editing my web stories and giving me great feedback. I have enjoyed all of my conversations and memories spent with you all throughout your time on staff. I hope you all have enjoyed the year as much as I have and I will miss you so much. Take it all in, The Green Pride is in your hands. (PS my desktop is the best. Choose wisely).


And most importantly the senior boys, Jack and Ethan: 

I hope you know how much I enjoyed spending the past two years with you both. Although it may have not always seemed that way, you both were the laughs and entertainment of the staff. Some of my most memorable times on The Green Pride were spent laughing with you both and I am happy you continued the journey through our last year with me. Jack, I will miss the random photos and laughs. You knew exactly how to push my last nerve, but you know deep down I will miss every last moment of it as we part separate ways. Also, I hope one day you will finally do a muck bang; I’m sure every The Green Pride alum is more than ready to see it. Ethan, I am so thankful for you always being willing to design and your quality stories. You never complained and would complete any story thrown at you. The comedians of the class will for sure make Mr. Sullivan’s classroom a tad quieter, but I wish you both nothing but amazing things within your future. You deserve it just as much of the rest of us. 


And to my fellow editors, Hunter and Ella:

Hunter, you are single handedly the most honest person I have ever met in my life. Thank you for always keeping me on my toes and believing that I can always better myself. You have such a headstrong personality and I know you will do big things moving forward. I’m sure you are relieved that you will no longer have to consult my constant Indesign questions. But all in all, we did manage to have me complete ONE successful spread for the print this school year. Even with all of the bumps along the road I am so happy I was able to be an editor with you. It was a fun and successful ride and I can’t wait to see what is in store for us all next.


Ella, the one that has been there with me through it all. I am so lucky that I made the whim decision to join The Green Pride and sit front row next to an amazing soul like you. You are truly the sweetest and most pure human being I know and I will miss your daily presence in my life as we part our separate ways. Not only have you been a great friend to me throughout the past three years on staff, but a constant supporter for anything and everything I think I can accomplish. Just like you encouraging me that I can complete all of my English assignments before fourth block since I conveniently, every year, had English class following newspaper… I wish you nothing but the best at the University of Missouri and I know you will accomplish everything and more. Don’t forget about me and don’t be surprised if I ask you to edit one of my papers next year in a panic with many “HELP ME NOW” suggestions. Just know moving forward I will cherish our memories and laughs forever. Maybe we can reconnect and watch The Conjuring together one day (iykyk). 


And last, but of course not the least, Mr. Sullivan: 

Thank you so much for this opportunity, as it has most definitely been one of the highlights of my time at DHS and it could have never been possible without you. Secondly, thank you for putting up with me, as I know I sometimes am technologically challenged and have a bad habit of saving things to my desktop. With my time on The Green Pride I was constantly involved within the school community more than I ever would have been without this opportunity. Not only that, but it introduced me to some of my greatest friends throughout my high school experience. This whole journey started with you, and I can’t believe it has all come to an end. I will miss talking with you about various volleyball topics throughout the newspaper periods and I look forward to coming home and watching Lillie kill it for one more year on the DHS high school team. Don’t forget about me, and I wish nothing but the best to you and the future Green Pride staff. 


Sincerely 2020-21 senior editor,

Lynlee Hutchison (for the last time)