Open letter to The Green Pride staff


2The time has come that every senior on The Green Pride staff dreads: the time to say goodbye. 

My experience as a staff reporter, web editor and editor-in-chief has been nothing short of fulfilling. I’ve seen so many staffers come and go over the course of the last three years and I’m forever grateful for the connections I’ve made. 

While I’m not sure if I’ll continue my journalism career at Baker University this fall, the things I’ve learned and the memories I’ve made on this staff will follow me throughout the rest of my education and into the rest of my life. 

To Jack and Ethan, the energy that you brought to our staff was definitely palpable. Ethan, I had so many important conversations with you during your first year on staff, and I’m so excited to watch you succeed. Jack, while you were an absolute pain sometimes, it was always fun to hear you rant about Bobby Shmurda. With you both on our staff, there was certainly never a shortage of laughs.

To Will, Trever and Ashton, I’m so grateful for all the work you’ve done to make sports representation happen both in print and online. You have all taken initiative on writing and design and never had to be prompted to stay on task. 

To Brady, your “Mask Madness” article is definitely one of my favorites that has been printed this year. You are an incredible writer and asset to our staff, and I really hope you stick with it. You’re going to have a full plate next year I’m sure, but this staff is strong when you are a part of it.

To Emma Hellerich, your ability to pick up on InDesign as quickly as you did is more than admirable. As one of our youngest staffers, you have a very promising future. Your creative eye from your very first page design has been a lifesaver for our small staff this year. Your willingness to ask questions is something that many first-year staffers struggle with, but your inquisitive nature presents tangible results. 

To Emma Klingler, your eagerness to learn both writing and design after joining our staff halfway through the year is much appreciated. I’m grateful for the hard work you put in this semester. I foresee you being a great role model for new staffers next year after seeing you dive in the way you did. 

To Lindsay, thank you for your willingness to write and design all of your assignments, even when they were less than desirable. I got stuck with a lot of sports stories my first year on staff and that is a legacy that I’m sorry to have bestowed upon you, but your tenacity made the paper possible. 

To Deleana, while we didn’t get to spend much time together this year because you were online, your flexibility has always been something that I admire you for. I’m glad that I got to see how quickly you caught on during your sophomore year because that makes me absolutely sure that you are capable of incredible things. You are talented and creative and will continue to make the paper great next year. 

To Bella and Abby, I certainly enjoyed listening in on some of your conversations during class and lunch this year. You are both so fun and creative, and I see you both taking a major role in the paper next year. Your creative take on stories alongside your design abilities have made you an asset to our staff. 

To my co-editors-in-chief and absolute lights of my life Ella and Lynlee, I have to say thank you. We have been an incredible team throughout this wild year between remote, hybrid and onsite learning models. Even though we only printed a total of three issues this year, I’m proud of what we accomplished. The last three years together on staff have been filled with memories and laughs. I’ll never forget hearing Lynlee try to pronounce font names or Ella becoming enthralled by the idea of a wrecking ball dotting the “i” in The Green Pride. Goodbye feels so final and I know we’ll soon go our separate ways so I want to hold off a little while longer. Ultimately, there’s no one I would have rather spent my last year on staff with than both of you.

And finally, to Mr. Sullivan, I’m sure that this year is not the one that you expected, but we made it happen. I’m so grateful to have had you as our adviser for all my years on staff. You’ve managed to wrangle us all through holiday parties and hundreds of missed deadlines. Sometimes your hard work may seem to go unnoticed, but without you The Green Pride would not be possible. 

Every single member of The Green Pride staff has been absolutely crucial to our success. I am proud of what each of us has done individually, as well as what we’ve managed as a team. Newspaper has been one of the most formative activities of my high school career. I’m going to miss this. 

Best wishes,

Hunter Finerty, Editor-in-Chief (for the last time)