Why third quarter is the worst

Hunter Finerty, Staff Reporter

    Throughout the school year, students are busy with classwork, sports and other extracurricular activities. First quarter is filled with new beginnings, while second and fourth quarters are spent studying for finals. This leaves third quarter as the outlier.

    Many people hate third quarter more than any other time of the year, myself included. This time of year just happens to be when major school events are lacking and weather is gloomy.

    So far this quarter, De Soto High School has had a total of six days off due to inclement weather. Weather is looking dim over the next week, as well, so more snow days may be on the horizon. Though snow days can be a nice break in the middle of a school week, dark skies and a cocktail of sloshy snow and slippery ice get old fast.

    Third quarter really begins to drag along as we near spring break. Most students are excited to go on vacation or simply relax in front of the television at home, but classes are dull at this time in the year. Teachers tend to double down on content, rather than dive in deeper with projects and tests.

    Even though finals are seen as draining and terrible, they give students the opportunity to see the finish line while they are learning. This is the major downside of third quarter. The end of the semester is seemingly nowhere in sight and information often goes in one ear and out the other.

    Fortunately, the quarter is nearing an end and may have the opportunity to go out with a bang. Students look forward to the winter musical Footloose, as well as Mr. Wildcat, in hopes of brightening the last few excruciating weeks of the quarter.

    Despite these few chances to lighten the mood through the end of this week and next, my opinion certainly still stands. As always, third quarter definitely continues to drag along.