Are the practice SAT and ACT tests actually worth taking?

Are the practice SAT and ACT tests actually worth taking?

Camryn Robbinson, News Editor

Students around the world are given the choice to partake in practice SAT and ACT tests. These tests are offered for students to get an idea of how the real tests are like. At De Soto High School, students are annually offered the chance to take the PSAT. This year in particular, DHS students were given the chance to take the PreACT. The question is: do the practice tests actually prepare high school students for the real SAT and ACT?

Although the PSAT is specifically designed as practice for the real deal, it is questioned if the practice test does its job of preparation. According to junior Aspen Grieshaber, the PSAT does a good job at preparing students for the real SAT and ACT.

“I definitely felt more comfortable taking the ACT because the PSAT showed me where I needed to practice,” Grieshaber said.

Comparing it to the real ACT, Grieshaber explains how there are not many differences between the practice test and the real test.

“Even though the PSAT is for the SAT, the ACT questions were basically the same format and difficulty.”

When it comes to the PreACT, freshman Reagan Ames believes the whole process to be very tedious.

“I feel like practice tests would benefit upperclassman more because they are closer to the real tests,” Ames said. “Because of this, freshmen taking the test is slightly unnecessary. Especially because it is the beginning of the year and freshmen are adjusting to the new school and the test is an extreme stressor.”

Ultimately, Ames believes the PSAT and PreACT are helpful but only to upperclassman because they have more experience with a harder level of tests.

Junior Chase Culver sees no difference in format or difficulty between the practice and actual tests. For him, the PSAT helped him “develop a stronger understanding for time management.”

Both Culver and Grieshaber recommend taking these practice tests for anyone planning on taking the PSAT or ACT.

“I recommend practice tests because it helps you get comfortable with the material and prepares you for the real deal,” Culver said.

The saying “practice makes perfect” seems to be accurate by students at DHS who recommend taking practice tests before taking the real SAT or ACT.