Christmas is for December

Erin Pickert, Staff Reporter

Every year, the day after Halloween, millions of people across the United States bring out the Christmas decorations and start playing Christmas music. Sadly, Thanksgiving frequently is either forgotten about or overshadowed by Christmas.

Thanksgiving is an important holiday to our history and is completely worth celebrating. A whole month focused towards being thankful for each other and what we have is important. By this time, many people are starting to develop their seasonal depression from short days, long nights and cold weather. That’s why it is so important to fully celebrate thankfulness in November as a good start to a long winter.

Also, it is better than celebrating Christmas for two whole months.

If I were to celebrate Christmas for two months, I believe I would find myself valuing it far less because it no longer feels special. Yet, since I celebrate Christmas for only one month, I value such a short time and want to savor the holiday more.

Additionally, I believe that celebrating Christmas for November, then Thanksgiving for a single day, then celebrating Christmas again isn’t the way to go either. If that is your schedule, then I find it likely that you value Thanksgiving solely for the food. I can wholeheartedly agree that a feast on Thanksgiving is great, but it loses its value of being thankful for our friends and family. After all, that is what it’s all about.

This does not mean I am against Christmas at all. Honesty, Christmas is probably my favorite holiday, and I understand the attraction of celebrating it. However, Christmas should be celebrated in December because of its ability to be savored more fully.