April 2018’s horoscope readings

Maya Bascom , ADs Manager

Horoscopes are vague readings that tell people, according to their astrology sign, what their future will hold. With a new month comes new horoscope readings.

April 2018’s reading is very optimistic so far.  Saying that the month will bring good fortune and happier outlooks for every sign as summer and warmer weather approaches.

Each signs readings differentiate as far as what each person’s focuses should be for the upcoming month in order to be more content.  

For Aries, March 20-April 19 birthdays, it is said that they will have the ability to be more in touch with their inner selves. This is the perfect month to start new projects and take time for themselves. Also it is said optimistically, that a positive financial change will occur for Aries this month.  

For the Taurus, April 19-May 20,  April is the perfect month to search for new job avenues, and work to better themselves professionally. Also this is a good month for Taurus to reach out to old friends and get back in touch with loved ones.

For Gemini, May 20-June 21, April is a good month to connect their energy with other people in their social circle. This will help further their relationships and maybe create new ones where old ones are lacking.

For Cancer, June 21-July 22,  April is a time for recognition, especially those who work for the public. As long as Cancer keeps working hard, staying organized and overcoming obstacles, the support they have been seeking will shine through.

For Leo, July 22-August 22, April will bring a phase of change. This is the time to plan for the long run. Although this phase will be difficult at times, if done right it can be very beneficial to Leo’s mental health. Travel is also beneficial for the Leo this month.

For Virgo, August 22-September 22, April is a good time to create a new business or job. This new venture will make Virgo successful as long as they do not over commit themselves financially or energetically.

For Libra, September 22- October 23, April is a time to focus on relationships. If they are currently single a new relationship could enter the picture. If they are married more time will need to be invested into your relationship.

For Scorpio, October 23- November 22, April is a turning point for their health. Based off their decisions, April can be filled with good fortune and good health. It could also be detrimental to their health though. Scorpio may be more restless and emotional right now, but this will get better with time during April.

For Sagittarius, November 22- December 21, April will bring the possibility of love. The most important thing for Sagittarius is to not let fear hold them back during this month.

For Capricorn, December 21-January 21, April places an emphasis on their home, property and family matters. Also April brings the possibility to reconnect with people from their past.

For Aquarius, January 21- February 18, April brings busier times. It is important to take time for themselves and their relationships.

For Pisces, February 19-March 20, April brings good times for writing, publishing, teaching and travel. Right now is the best time for them to commit themselves to creating the life they really want.

*All horoscope predictions are from Sunsigns.org and are for entertainment puposes only, they are not scientifically based.