Prom is becoming a lavish, overdone event

Emily Herrington, Staff Reporter

De Soto Prom falls on April 13 this year. Many students are not only planning for it, but they are also being pressured and are stressing into making sure night of the year is both the most memorable and possibly most expensive.

Students count on prom to be one of the most wonderful days. Every detail has to be perfect and go exactly right; that includes everything from finding the right date, to making sure their nail polish is the exact shade of coral as the accent beads on their dress.

Junior and senior guys are pressured into not only finding a date, but creatively asking the desired girl in and unforgettable way. This leaves every girl spending their time waiting and hoping for somebody to ask them. Not every couple works that way and sometimes a guy will not make the first move, especially when he is being pushed into making  the asking public.

After everyone has figured out who they are going with, they have to figure out what the night will entail. Most people get a group of friends together, take pictures, go to dinner, attend Prom and then finally After Prom.

These events can be kept simple, but they can also be blown out of proportion. There is a drastic difference in having your mother snap a few pictures and hiring a photographer to do an entire shoot. Dinner usually happens at the nicest local restaurant, adding even more to the cost. Then there are the parties afterward, which are held at a range of places, from peoples’ homes to costly hotels.

Transportation and dress are both very important througout the night. Students will spend hundreds of dollars on limos and then different outfits to each event. They have to make sure that their entire group of friends can both afford and keep up with the elaborate plans.

Even once all of the planning has been replanned and finalized multiple times, there is still a lot to be done. Guys do not usually spend more than an hour preparing on the day of, while girls take the entire day to get pampered and pretty.

Typically, girls will get up after the most well-rested night they can manage to shower. It will probably be the most thorough shower they have taken all year and if the hot water is not out before they are done, then they have not spent enough time conditioning and making life decisions.

Afterward, many girls will go to get their hair and makeup done. Whether they choose an updo or to wear their hair down, the trip to a salon or friend’s house would probably take up two full hours. The look cannot be complete without the perfect mask of makeup to bring out their eyes and to match their outfit.

They will finally go home and put on the dress that they have spent forever dreaming about and plenty of money buying. Their date will show up with a corsage,  that his mother probably picked out, and the girl will have to figure out how to pin a boutonnière to his jacket without pricking her finger and bleeding on her dress.

Prom is supposed to be a fun way to end your junior or senior year. Some students get so stressed about the night that they choose to opt out all together. Definitely not every student goes over board, but there is a fine line between being very excited for prom and driving both yourself and everyone around you insane. The best way to make the day into a positive memory is to keep it simple and to not worry about anything other than having a good time with your friends.