New laptops roll out in time for finals week


Kayla Tolly, Staff Writer

At the end of the 2022-23 school year all students and staff members received new laptops.  Although most students and staff seem to like them, some do not share this opinion.

“They’re smooth, but I don’t like that there is no USB port,” sophomore Marcus Coleman said.

Despite the inconvenience created by the lack of a USB port, social studies teacher Javier Vieyra said he likes the battery life.  He appreciates that he does not need to take his laptop home overnight.

The laptops have other drawbacks such as needing a new charger, sporting smaller screens, and the possibility of getting locked out if students choose to set up touch ID. However, many of those drawbacks are  overshadowed by

positives such as faster speeds.

“They seem to run faster compared to the older ones, which is a huge benefit so we aren’t just sitting around waiting,” junior Ryan Sturdy said. “The screens are smaller compared to the older versions, but overall a good upgrade.”

In addition to faster speeds, most DHS students seem to also enjoy how lightweight they are as well as the option for touch ID. 

“They’re really nice. I think it’s a well purchased upgrade the district made and will definitely benefit us as students with having new and better technology,” freshman Nate Creason said.

Overall, most people seem to enjoy the new laptops and they will definitely be put to good use for finals and in the upcoming school year.