New DHS Leadership Class


Sara Stephenson, Staff Reporter

The Leadership Service in Action class at De Soto High School was a new class that upcoming juniors and seniors could take when filling out their course selection form last school year.  The new class is run by Caroline Friday and has created new DHS traditions. 

Seniors Chloe Collins and Ellie Brown pose for a picture at the Walk-a-Thon

 With the new Leadership Service and Action class, there have been numerous events the class has created. In the first months so far, they have provided events such as Starside’s Walk-A-Thon, Trunk-or-Treat, and a Veterans Day assembly. 

There are many plans in the future for the class such as attending leadership conferences, planning the dance marathon, and trying to spread leadership skills amongst the school.

The leadership class has the opportunity to be run by the student body, as they have been able to orchestrate behind the scenes and plan many school events to help make De Soto students learn leadership skills.

“I have very high expectations on certain projects, to have them have full control over everything can be a little scary at times,” Friday said.

As a teacher who has taken many chances in leadership activities, Friday has lots of experience in making this year’s leadership the best it can be.

Junior Ava Lowry is part of the leadership class and explains how it has helped benefit her. 

“It’s a very great class, we have been able to do many things that the Student Council & Pep Club does not have time to do. We are very productive in class,” Lowry said. 

Although there is a clash of personalities, students are still able to work together. “Everyone in the class has been a great spirit for the atmosphere, especially Friday herself,” Lowry said.

The class has also participated in small activities too, trying to promote hospitality towards the school. Students are beginning to notice the bulletin boards, banners, and school calendars that have been made.

School events that have been planned so far, it has taken a lot of time planning into making perfect. Dedication and effort have been something the Leadership Team has followed in trying to inspire everyone around the school.

“For any underclassmen who have a great personality and can express their opinion well and step up into leadership opportunities, the leadership class would be recommended,” Lowry said. 

There are many future events the class wants to plan and raise the student participation in. As the holiday season approaches, there are many upcoming events that are in the works.