Neon Nights


Seniors Chino Calderon and Andrea Valenzuela are crowned homecoming king and queen

Emma Hellerich, Editor-in-Chief

Every year students at De Soto High School look forward to the homecoming dance. Not just the dance itself but spirit days, the parade, and the crowning of Homecoming Queen and King. 

This year, Homecoming was held on Sept. 17 with numerous events and activities leading up to the dance.

To get DHS students involved in homecoming week, Student Council came up with the spirit days. Some of the spirit days included “Adam Sandler Day,” Green Out, and Neon Day. 

Due to the pandemic, it was difficult for students to participate in Homecoming but the inclusivity was at an all time high. Sophomore Sydney Duncan was very pleased with the participation from all DHS students.

“I thought the spirit days were super successful and a lot of people participated. I really liked the themes for the spirit days, especially ‘Adam Sandler Day,’ that was really fun,” Duncan said. 

Not only were students encouraged to participate in spirit days, but Wednesday night included the Homecoming parade followed by the Powder Puff game.

Senior Cassidy Waite was able to enjoy her first and last annual Powder Puff game.

“I thought Powder Puff was amazing and very fun for all players and the people watching. It is such an awesome tradition,” Waite said.

Finally, at the end of homecoming week on Friday, there was a pep assembly to get students excited for the upcoming football game and to announce king and queen candidates. This year, seniors Andrea Valenzuela and Chino Calderon were crowned queen and king. 

After the De Soto football team’s victory against Topeka West High School, students were looking forward to the actual homecoming dance. The theme for Homecoming was “Neon Nights” and the dance was held outside on the DHS football field. Identical to the location last year, there were some changes. 

“I think the DJ canceling was a bummer, but having the sound system helped resolve that,” Waite said. “But the music that was played was fitting and the photo backdrop was extraordinary.”

For future dances, Duncan hopes that school spirit and students will continue to show up at the school events. 

“The next school dances, I hope it’s like the Wildcat Mixer [fundraiser dance]. We had so much fun and everyone was involved in dancing and  having fun,” Duncan said.

Although for some students the dance was not the high point of homecoming week, everyone found ways to participate and show their school spirit.

Seniors and juniors play each other at the annual Powder Puff game