We got spirit, how ’bout you?

Emma Hellerich, Editor-in-Chief

Ever since the pandemic put the entire world on lockdown, school just has not been the same–especially at De Soto High School.

Lack of school involvement in the 2021-22 school year was at an all time high, which is generally uncommon for high school atmospheres. Some high school students noticed this substantial shift in school involvement from the previous school year, such as junior Lily Endsley. 

Endsley is a member of DHS pep club, a student organization that plans assemblies, spirit days and other activities that encourage student involvement. Even though last school year did not have the participation pep club hoped for, Endsley has high hopes for this school year.

“I think that in the past school spirit has not been as good and I don’t know why to be honest,” Endsley said. “However, I think that school spirit will improve this year because people are starting to realize how much fun participation actually is and beginning to realize it’s not embarrassing to do spirit days and dress all out for themes.”

Endsley’s hopes are appearing to become a reality at De Soto. Students are becoming more involved in clubs, sporting events and spirit days according to assistant Pep Club sponsor Melissa Lehrman.

“I think with the pandemic a couple years ago, when students weren’t allowed to go to the games, they got used to that. Now we’re trying to bring things back. I think this year it’s already started off much better than it has in the past,” Lehrman said. 

Seniors this year are taking initiative to promote school involvement and setting examples for underclassmen. 

“The senior class has been awesome as leaders by showing up to games and showing the underclassmen how it’s done and how the crowd should be. They’ve been a great role model for them,” Lehrman said. 

Seniors Michael Hoskins and Trent Johnson were selected by the previous senior class as student leaders for school sports. Their role is to lead chants, cheer on De Soto’s sports teams and get everyone excited at games.

“My goal is to get everyone hyped at the football games and playing their part at the games. I hope underclassmen pop out at every game,” Hoskins said.

Even though DHS sporting events may not be every student’s favorite way to be involved, there are many other ways to participate.

“I think in order to get involved, joining sports is an awesome thing. If sports aren’t your thing, DHS offers so many cool clubs and is a great way to meet new people,” Endlsey said.

In the upcoming year, DHS Pep Club and Student Council will host a variety of events such as school dances, student versus teacher sporting events, dodgeball and much more.

To find more information about how to get involved in the De Soto community, follow @dhswildcatnation or @stuco_dhs on Instagram to learn more about upcoming events.