Students take on De Soto Days

Jenna Haswell, Staff Reporter

 The DeSoto Days festival started on September first and continued through Labor Day weekend. De Soto Days was full of rides, community, and lots of fun times made by friends and family. 

The festival was established in 1964. It was created to bring the community of De Soto together. Each year there are more and more attractions, and a larger number of people that attend the festivities. 

The rides at the festival were really popular this year. There were new rides and old rides for people to enjoy. 

“I really loved getting to hangout with my friends and enjoy the experience,” Senior Parker Sphar said.

There are a number of things to do and see during the festival. Some of the most attractive things are at the carnival. The carnival has rides such as the Ferris Wheel, Cliff Hanger, Rock Star, Zero Gravity, and the Scrambler. 

Senior Matson Scott also went to the festival, he really seemed to enjoy the rides, but also the overall atmosphere. 

“I absolutely loved Rock Star. The ride was so much fun and all of my friends had a splendid time on it,” Scott said.

On the Saturday of the festival, there was the annual parade. The parade had a car show, floats, and activities that were walking and handing out candy. 

During the parade there were competitions like “best performance,” which was awarded to the cheer team, and “most spirited,” which was awarded to the dance team as well as the little diamonds. 

The marching band was also a participant in the parade. The band plays the fight song among other songs that they work hard to prepare for football games, parades, and competitions.

“My favorite part of the parade was getting to march with my friends. We’ve been working really hard this year and we sound really good,” Jacob Smith said.

While they were performing the temperature was almost 90 degrees. 

“We had band parents that were walking with us, and whenever we would need a drink they would give us something to keep us hydrated,” Smith said.

The boys soccer team was also a huge part of the parade. They loved getting to pass out candy to the little kids watching. 

“My favorite part of the parade was the community and getting to give a bag of candy to Mrs. Fridays’ kid, it made him so happy,” Senior Brody Macoubrie said.

This festival has brought the community together in more ways than one. It offers so many opportunities for the town. It has allowed small businesses to showcase their products and all the hard work that they’ve put into their businesses. The festival has a lot to offer for people of all ages. Such as the rides, live music, booths, and food. This year’s festival was a huge success.