Senioritis: What is it and how can you deal with it?


Deleana Marquez, Editor in Chief

As seniors enter their final semester of high school, it is common for them to develop ‘senioritis.’ Senioritis can be defined as decreasing motivation towards schoolwork as students near the end of high school, college, etc. 

With the end of the semester around the corner, many high school seniors are beginning to feel the impacts of senioritis. 

“I really feel like I have senioritis because my motivation to go to school and do homework is not that strong,” senior Keeley Chambers said. 

However, there are numerous ways to combat senioritis. For struggling seniors, it is important to set academic goals for the remainder of the year in order to stay engaged socially and academically. Moreover, it is important that seniors keep in mind that colleges tend to look closely at second-semester grades. 

Colleges that have accepted you will look closely at academic performance in the second half of senior year because they want to know if you have the discipline to maintain your grades. 

“I’m trying to keep up my grades and keep the GPA I have now so I can finish off my last year on a good note,” Chambers said. 

As such, students should attempt to finish off their senior year on a good note and with good grades.