WOCO week recap


Emma Hellerich, Co-Feature Editor

The most recent De Soto High School Winter Homecoming was the first normal school dance since the COVID-19 pandemic. The dance was held in the auxiliary gym allowing for a “normal” school dance. 

Due to the recent mask optional policy, this was the first time DHS students were allowed to be inside the gym and experience a homecoming prior to the pandemic.

Junior Maleigha Harris was able to experience the same type of homecoming she did her freshman year.

“It was a really nice atmosphere seeing everyone having fun and making memories and getting to have an actual normal dance for once because it’s been a while,” Harris said. 

Juniors and seniors at DHS were able to experience a normal high school dance once again without restrictions. 

Not only were there fewer restrictions regarding COVID-19, but spirit days leading up to winter homecoming were a way for students to get more involved and excited for the upcoming dance. 

Winter homecoming took place after a shortened week due to parent-teacher conferences and spirit days were a way for students to really go all out. These spirit days included Zoom wear day, bringing anything but a backpack and green out. Pep Club made sure to include an interactive pep assembly as well. 

“I liked how we had some different ones [spirit days] than we normally do. I liked seeing how creative people would get with it,” Harris said. “I really liked the pep assembly. It was definitely a highlight for WOCO.” 

Although Harris participated in spirit week and the winter dance, some students at DHS had a different way of having fun.

Others like Freshman Sydney Duncan decided to take pictures and hang out with friends the night of the dance instead of attending. 

“I took pictures with my friends, went out to eat, and went to my friend’s house to hang out and then had a sleepover with my friends,” Duncan said.

Although an alternative decision to the dance, students were still able to be involved in spirit week and other activities.