Early onset senioritis

Bella Wiltfong, News Editor

Every year when the fourth quarter rolls around, an increasing number of senior absences arise as well as numbers of stressed or ‘slumped’ students. 

This year though, there is a large majority of the senior class who have missed days throughout the year or frequently during the second semester.

The students who do show up to school appear to be mentally checked out, tired or overall unwilling to complete work in class. 

“Some of the reasons I have zero motivation to do anything educational is due to many different factors including freezing Kansas weather, AP Biology and lack of sleep due to crumbling thoughts about my future,” senior Lauren Bradley said. 

Bradley, like many other students, has a job, participates in multiple AP classes and is involved in many extracurricular activities leading to a hectic, stressful and tiring schedule. 

“I find myself taking shifts instead of doing homework, so I can tell myself I’m productive because I’m making money even though I’m not doing homework,” senior Lillian Champlain said. 

Each senior has developed a certain method for procrastinating on schoolwork based on their interests.

“I normally will work or even do chores instead of my homework, if I’m not doing volleyball or sleeping. I just hate homework,” senior Maddie Smith said.

However, many seniors are lucky enough to participate in a shortened schedule where they are allowed to drop classes to only a minimum number of schoolhours. 

“I like having shortened schedule because I feel like it gives me more time to do things I want to do,” Champlain said. “It gives me a balance of time. I feel like school is sometimes so pointless, and it’s hard to keep my will to keep going, so being at school less helps.”

Overall, it is highly encouraged by staff and admin that seniors continue to show up to school on time and put in their best effort, despite a lack of motivation. 

“This year I have found myself putting less effort into school, and I’m more balanced. School isn’t my number one priority anymore,” Champlain said.