Students create various Instagram accounts


All Instagram accounts main profile pages featured on Instagram.

Bella Wiltfong, News Editor

Recently De Soto High School students have noticed an influx of new Instagram accounts created claiming to be not affiliated with the school. 

The accounts feature topics like bad parking, bad posture, bathroom feet, sleeping students and most recently an account for students’ attractive mothers and fathers. 

The bad parking account highlights of students’ worst parking moments, either crossing the white line or sometimes a staged photo. 

The bad parking account was the first to be created and sparked the idea of other accounts throughout the school.

Either way, many students fear to be highlighted on the page, creating a parking lot of many perfect parking jobs. 

The bad posture account highlights students’ worst postures. Whether standing up or sitting down, although some photos appear to have been taken in an off-guard moment for students.

Possibly the weirdest account is the bathroom feet account where students have begun to take photos of classmates’ feet in the stalls near them. 

Although it appears that students have permission to be featured and many of the photos are staged in order to hopefully obtain a laugh out of it. 

Possibly the most staged out of the accounts surrounding the students is the sleeping account. The account shows peaceful students slumbering away in multiple situations and different class periods.

The most recent addition to these accounts highlights some of the students selected most attractive moms and dads. 

To be featured on the accounts, students direct message a photo through Instagram to any of the individual accounts, making the accounts full of multiple classes and grade levels.  

Regardless of the criteria on the accounts, students are continuing to jump on the trend that many schools have created with funny Instagram accounts. 

Many are unsure of what the next account will be but it will likely be just as unique as the others.