DHS students handle both a job and schoolwork


Wildcat Photo

Senior Arianna Sanchez poses for a picture as she works in the management office at her job.

Deleana Marquez, Editor in Chief

As students reach the legal working age in the state of Kansas it is common for them to seek employment. Many De Soto High School students have found themselves handling both a job and schoolwork. 

In doing so, they have discovered the difficulties that come along with handling a job and school. Oftentimes, they add a sport to the mix as well. 

Senior Keeley Chambers has had to deal with the stress of handling multiple activities at a time. 

“For a pretty long chunk of time, I was playing golf, I had a job, and on top of that, a lot of school work,” Chambers said. 

Resulting in limited free time and even stress in some cases. 

“It was hard, but doing all that at once taught me to manage my time well and learn what things to prioritize,” Chambers said. 

Chambers’ time commitments resulted in her decision to terminate her job so she could focus on golf. However, Chambers is open to looking for new job opportunities now that her golf season is over. 

“Even though it was hard, it was also kinda nice. I got to meet some really nice people through the jobs I’ve had,” Chambers said. 

On the other end, some students have had more positive experiences maintaining a job throughout the school year. 

Arianna Sanchez, a senior at DHS, shared her thoughts on managing a job and school.

“It has helped me with my time management since it’s kind of hard cause you have to plan ahead,” Sanchez said.  

In addition, Sanchez enjoys the financial freedom work provides her. 

“I want the money to be able to buy my own things and not have to be totally reliant on my parents,” Sanchez said. 

Although they can be stressful, jobs do allow for more financial freedom, provide opportunities to meet new people and can help students save up money for college.