The return of lunch tables



De Soto High School students enjoy the first day of the new lunch room seating arrangements on Wednesday Nov. 17, 2021.

After much anticipation, De Soto High School’s seating arrangements at lunch have finally shifted to a more ‘normal’ environment. 

On Wednesday, Nov. 17, the lunchroom arrangements shifted from previously allowing students to eat lunch at  socially distanced tables in the commons, union, auxiliary gym and concessions area to a new arrangement. 

The new arrangement will feature tables that seat eight to 10 in the cafeteria, while the Union will remain a socially distanced area of tables for students to eat lunch. 

This change comes after the school’s mask mandate was lifted and questions around lunch seating arose with it. 

Regardless, many students are happy to return to a semi-normal lunch seating arrangement where they are able to converse with their friends easily and without restrictions. 

“You can actually hear your friends when they are talking to you now,” sophomore Kamydn Wedel said. 

Another positive aspect of the new arrangement is the significantly smaller lunch lines as students are no longer in a hurry to save their designated seat. 

“The lunch lines are a lot shorter because not everyone is in too much of a hurry now,” sophomore Gabby Wiltfong said. 

Some seniors had thoughts about the new seating when compared to their normal seating freshman year.

“I think it’s cool because it’s honestly better than our freshman year because you can sit with your friend groups instead of in a big line,” senior Cole Krudwig said. 

One of the big things previous seniors have looked forward to is sitting in the Union with the rest of their senior class during lunch.

“It’s like tradition for the seniors to sit in the Union, and I still think it’s unfair that we no longer get that privilege,” senior Amy Rocha said. “If you look at the Union it’s still almost completely seniors.” 

Returning to a new normality is needed for students during these difficult times, many feel like the school is taking a step in the right direction. 

“I think it’s a better form of socialization for students especially since our passing periods are more restricted now. The normality of the lunch tables returning is really nice,” senior Gracey Janes said. 

Despite differing opinions, all students have a choice of how they would prefer to safely enjoy their lunch as the school continues to adapt to its new normal with COVID-19.