DHS Cat’s Closet is back


De Soto High School Advanced Marketing Students pose in Cats Closet for a picture on August 23, 2021.

Bella Wiltfong, News Editor

During recent lunches, many students have witnessed De Soto High School seniors practically shouting over the microphone about the Cat’s Closet. 

These antics are put on by the DHS Advanced Marketing class, who is in charge of the Cat’s Closet, a school spirit wear store selling sweatshirts, bracelets, shirts and other various apparel. 

The 2020-21 school year was left unpromising for the previous seniors as their main demographic, students at lunch, was compromised due to the awkward lunch scheduling.

This year’s seniors have already begun to make amazing sales on products, selling all apparel within days of opening the Cat’s Closet.

“There were so many people that came to the Cat’s Closet the first day it opened. The fourth lunch was really fun and contributed to most of the sales,” said Alexis Tranbarger, a member of the Advanced Marketing team. 

The Cat’s Closet is hoping to broaden its horizons of customers and has created an Instagram, Twitter and website as well. 

The marketing team has started to make promotional posts of their clothing, making an Instagram story for every article of clothes they sell with the customer holding it up.

Advanced Marketing teacher Ben Stamey is looking forward to the rest of the school year with the marketing team and all of the future accomplishments. 

“I’m looking forward to watching my students continue to grow and learn how to run a business. I’m excited to watch their ideas come to life,” Stamey said. 

The marketing team themselves also have a couple new ideas they are hoping to bring to the table and to benefit their peers.

“The idea I’m most excited about is designing the new merchandise, especially the temporary tattoos we’re going to be selling this year,” senior Jake LaCombe said.

The Cats Closet should receive a new order of apparel within the upcoming quarter, likely before Homecoming. 

Within the new order is one of the higher-marked best-seller sweatshirts with an old Wildcats logo featured on a tan background, along with many other new designs to supply the student body with apparel for games. 

Many students were satisfied with their recent purchases of it and plan on returning to buy a piece of new inventory. 

“I really liked my sweatshirt I got, it’s super comfortable, and I’ll wear it a lot more during the colder months,” senior Zach White said.

Next year will be truly exciting for the Cat’s Closet as they plan on moving to a different location in the school where they will be able to sell coffee, snacks and more items. 

The seniors on the marketing team may not be able to participate in the new and improved Cat’s Closet next year, but are preparing for the juniors to take over.

“I wish we got the opportunity to work in the new Cat’s Closet, but right now we’re just going to try to raise the money to make it really cool for the juniors,” Tranbarger said. 

Overall, the Cat’s Closet is excited for new beginnings, new sales, new customers and the opportunity to experience marketing and sales first hand. 

The Cat’s Closet is open during green days during the lunch period, where all sales can be made through cash, Square and Venmo.