Project Lit: a book club with a twist


Project Lit’s monthly book selection. All the books pictured are available for checkout from the Media Center.

Deleana Marquez, Editor in Chief

Project Literature, a book club focused on diversity in literature, has several branches of work all over the United States. One of the branches is now at De Soto High School. The book club hopes to engage students that enjoy reading while broadening their perspectives.  

Project Literature at De Soto was initiated by school library media specialist, Jennifer Sosna, and AP Literature teacher Amanda Sweet, in hopes of turning DHS into a more inclusive environment. 

“Project Lit celebrates diversity and inclusion and helps many readers finally find a book with relatable topics and characters,” Sweet said. 

By having Project Lit at DHS, Sosna and Sweet hope to help students find their love of reading while also developing their awareness of the societal issues in the world around them. 

“The whole point of the group is [that] as our community grows and becomes more diverse to have a representation of books that people can see themselves in,”  Sosna said. 

Prior to COVID-19, the group members would get together once a month and discuss the book they chose to read from the monthly selection.

Of the current books that the club is featuring this month, Sweet recommends, “Refugee by Alan Gratz. I would also recommend Everything Sad is Untrue by Daniel Nayeri. These two selections have really stuck with me and I know I will read them again and again.” 

If students wish to become a member of Project Lit, they can talk to Sosna or Sweet to be placed on the email list for the monthly book announcements and to be alerted of meetings.