De Soto Assassins wrap-up


Wildcat photo of senior Carson Zitlow celebrating his win after getting senior Mackenzie Leiston out in Assassins on Monday, May 10th.

Abby Campbell, Feature Editor

As De Soto’s senior game of Assassins carries on, the final week has approached. Several seniors have gotten out of the game, leaving only five people remaining. 

As the game wraps up, the winner of Assassins will be revealed Thursday, May 14, at 11:59 p.m.. If there is not one direct winner by the end, the person with the most ‘hits’ will receive the money profit of a whopping $275. 

In the beginning, around 80 De Soto seniors signed up for the competitive game by Venmoing the organizers $5 to be put on a spreadsheet. Since then, the remaining persons have been introduced to a new target on Thursday at 11:59 p.m.. 

Having only a week to hit their target, students are oftentimes put into a situation where they have to not only be sneaky, but also clever. Although water is the only true way someone can get their target out, pool floaties can be worn by the target to cancel out water. The only time floaties do not count is if the assassin wears floaties as well, which cancels out both floaties.

Being one of the managers to run Assassins, the game itself has been very entertaining and interesting to watch. Despite having to stay up late Thursday nights to organize the game itself, several seniors have been extremely dedicated to getting their targets out, even waking up early in the mornings to hide behind their targets’ cars. 

De Soto student Natalie Nusz was able to join the fun game and had the pleasure of being one of the five finalists. 

“I have enjoyed assassins because it has given me something to do in my free time that is more productive than sitting around, and I can do it alongside my friends,” Nusz said. 

 Being in all three of the rounds, Nusz understands that many challenges come with being in the game as well. 

“It has been challenging to find my targets a lot, but I have definitely learned a lot more about people and their hobbies,” Nusz said. “It has also been hard when I have to get my friends out.” 

Along with Nusz, senior Carson Zitlow is eager and competitive for the remaining round of Assassins. 

“I feel pretty good about my chances to win right now,” Zitlow said. “I’ve enjoyed it a lot and it’s fun to see who the true people are that help you win or see the people who would betray you.” 

As time begins to run out for the remaining five, it will be interesting to see who will end up with the victory.