DHS marketing transitions


Marketing students decorating the front of Cats Closet during lunch on February 5th.

Abby Campbell, Feature Editor

As this year has carried on, many different groups, classes and activities have had to improvise, including the De Soto High Schoolmarketing program. 

In previous years, the marketing program has been able to manage success by opening the Cat’s Closet store during all four lunch periods throughout the day, but due to students being separated, there have been hurdles for them to overcome. 

“All the changes due to COVID-19 have made opening our store a challenge,” marketing teacher Ben Stamey said. “With only half, or very few students in the building, it has been very difficult to reach our goals.” 

Despite the Cat’s Closet not getting as much business as it has in prior years, Stamey’s marketing classes have devised other plans.

“The students in Sports and Entertainment marketing just finished hosting an eSports basketball tournament,” Stamey said. 

In addition to virtual tournaments, marketing classes are aiming to advertise now that DHS is back full time. 

“The marketing students are getting ready to sell stickers, candy and have a grand prize drawing for a Valentine’s day promotion,” Stamey said. 

Stamey additionally reflected on facing challenges with students and participation this year. 

“Good marketing starts with a strong understanding of your audience,” Stamey said, “This year, things have been upside down for a good portion of our audience, so we’ve had to ask new questions while taking a step back to listen more.”

Regardless of the struggles, marketing has many exciting plans for next year. 

“The Cats Closet is going to expand in a few years to include a cafe, so students and staff can enjoy their favorite hot and cold drinks here at DHS,” Stamey said. “I’m excited for students to gain valuable experience in running a small business.” 

Marketing students are additionally excited about the future plans the class has in store. 

“I am very excited about Cats Closet being expanded,” junior marketing student Alexis Tranbarger said. “I am excited to be able to work and sell some stuff to other students.”

In addition, Tranbarger has also learned a lot from the course. 

“My favorite part this year has been being with my friends and learning more about how to make a sales pitch,” Tranbarger said. 

Despite marketing having to adjust to these unprecedented times, the class will remain doing what it can to get as much involvement as possible. 

“Marketing is everywhere,” Stamey said. “It’s on the clothes we wear, the signs around town, even the things we say to our friends and family.”