How DHS students are being productive


Junior Shelby Marquis goes on a walk with her dog on May 14

Abby Campbell, Feature Editor

With COVID-19 making the school environment at DHS vastly different than years prior, students are now finding new ways to adapt.

Whether it be staying ahead of schoolwork remotely at home or keeping mental health in check, many DHS students are developing different strategies to be as successful as possible. 

“It’s been hard to stay ahead of school every day with COVID, but I’ve been making a list of things I need to get done everyday to stay productive,” sophomore Emerson Rock said. 

Additionally, Rock goes on hikes during off days as well as doing homework at different cafes. 

“It’s really easy to just stay inside and do nothing, but I try to make everything fun, even if it’s dropping something off at the post office,” Rock said.

Other students like junior Shelby Marquis use different strategies to stay ahead of their schoolwork as well. 

“I make sure to keep updated with my teachers about due dates and what classes will look like,” Marquis said. “Marking to-do lists are super helpful and reminding yourself that you need breaks.”

When stressed out, Marquis and Rock have created new ways to handle their stress with out of school hobbies. 

“My big hobby is playing softball,” Rock said. “When I’m stressed out, I go hit at the batting cages. Journaling also really helps when I’m stressed.” 

While handling stress may look different for everyone, Marquis reaches out to friends. 

“When I’m stressed, I tend to call a friend and talk it out or go on a walk. I also try to remind myself of what I can and cannot control,” Marquis said. 

Although this year looks very different, students are trying to stay as productive as possible in order to make the best of the academic year.