USD 232 votes elementary schools to return to on-site learning

USD 232 votes elementary schools to return to on-site learning

Bella Wiltfong, Staff Reporter

USD 232 elementary students are to return to on-site learning beginning Thursday, Oct. 8, while secondary students are to remain in the hybrid-learning environment.

On Monday, Sept. 28, the USD 232 Board of Education voted to accept the COVID Advisory Committee’s recommendation to stay in the yellow zone of the gating criteria.

The yellow zone allows elementary students to be either in the hybrid or on-site model. The COVID Advisory Committee did not decide whether or not to have elementary schools return to the on-site model, though. 

After hours of deliberation between board members and patrons, they decided to have elementary schools begin the on-site, full-time learning model. This does not apply to students whose parents chose the optional remote learning model at the beginning of the year. 

The Advisory Team came to this conclusion with data showing that elementary students are less likely to spread and contract COVID-19 and is also seen as a more mild case. 

Elementary students are excited to be returning to a more ‘normal’ school year.

 “I’m happy. I’ll get to see all my friends every day, and I don’t have to worry about the confusing work online,” said Eva Wiltfong, a fourth-grader who attends Mize Elementary.

The COVID Advisory Committee’s next meeting is unknown, as they meet on an irregular basis. The next time they meet, they will review and evaluate how this new learning environment is working and how they can consider making changes.

The goal is that sometime soon secondary schools will move into the on-site learning model. With that, USD 232 students must remember to properly wear masks, as well as stay home if showing symptoms of COVID-19.