Final wrap of fourth quarter


Abby Campbell, Staff Reporter

Although the fourth quarter went unexpectedly, De Soto High School’s students and staff were able to successfully wrap up the rest of the 2019-20 year. 

Students were told in March that because of the corona-virus pandemic, it was announced all lessons would be taught over Canvas, a web-based learning system that DHS students and staff have been using prior to the situation. 

    “This quarter has been difficult because it’s hard to transition from in-person learning to virtual in just a few weeks,” sophomore Brady Huggins said. 

    This quarter, Huggins found it difficult to learn from videos, which is how many staff members taught their lessons. Because of this, some staff members used  Zoom in order to communicate with their students. Zoom is a video-chat program that DHS students are able to access from their school Mac-Books. 

    Not only was the adaption difficult for students, but staff members also felt it was a challenge. 

    “Teaching math online was quite different. Online teaching just isn’t the same.  I feel like human interaction and connection is so important to a student’s learning,” DHS math teacher Katherine Meserko said. 

    Because teaching was so different for many, there were different strategies teachers took on. 

    “I tried to keep my class structure as ‘normal’ as possible. I made online video lessons along with notes, had homework assignments students students needed to take pictures of to submit, and had canvas tests,” Meserko said. 

    Many feel they missed out on high school experiences, but it is the seniors that have had to endure the most loss. Despite the disappointing closing of the school year, many are trying to focus on the future and look on the bright-side. 

    “If not anything, I know it’s a good practice of being able to have this much freedom academically to be able to get our assignments done in college,” senior Colin Campbell said. 

    Now that summer break has finally arrived for DHS students and staff, many are still hoping to return to the school and see everybody’s faces once again. 

    “ Fourth quarter was obviously a surprise to all of us, but hopefully we’ll be back in the fall,” Huggins said