DHS students work throughout the pandemic


Senior Hugo Nascimento working at Target with the required mask on May 19

Jack McCracken , Staff/Writer

With COVID-19 closing businesses and adding new safety guidelines and restrictions, De Soto High School students have had to adapt to these measures.

Some businesses have realized the risk factors of their employees coming into work and have made changes to show their appreciation.

“[Because of COVID-19, Target]  actually gave us a $2 raise, but they did make it mandatory to wear masks and changed the hours of operation at the store,” senior Hugo Nacimento said.

Additionally, senior Mason Parrish,  has continued to work at a nursing home throughout the pandemic, where safety is their main priority.

“Work became a lot more uptight  with how we handle ourselves around co-workers. We aren’t allowed to drink from cups around each other and can only take off our mask when it comes time to eat,” Parrish said.

Some businesses have benefited from the virus, even with shorter hours of operation and much more safety restrictions.

“The quarantine helped my job in a way. Working at Home Depot, I realized  that everyone was trying to find something to do, and Home Depot was the place to get stuff for home projects,” senior Lucas Nacimento said.

With this additional responsibility, many students continue to balance school and their employment even with the unfamiliar transition to online school.

“Balancing school and work really wasn’t too hard because I’d work most days during the week and just do my homework at night,” Parrish said.

Although COVID-19 caused work and school to drastically change the way they normally operated, Hugo believed that every precaution was well in place.

“Masks are necessary.  We also added designated cart cleaners and overall designated cleaners for the entire store,” Hugo said.

Having to adapt to the  new restrictions and rules is an obstacle for businesses, schools, and students. But it certainly didn’t stop those who worked through these times.