Mr.Wildcat returns to DHS


Abby Campbell, Staff Reporter

Finishing with great turnouts in the past, De Soto High School has decided to bring back a student-favorite competition: Mr.Wildcat. 

The all-boys’ pageant has been a tradition at DHS for six years. However, after the competition last year, it was announced the event would no longer be continued due to the amount of work and preparation it involved. 

Because of this decision, many students and families were disappointed that the tradition would no longer continue. But, after a decision made by Student Council executives this spring, it was announced that the competition was going to be brought back. 

“We decided to bring Mr.Wildcat back because a lot of the student body wanted to see the show. It’s a community-wide event and it gets so many people involved,” said Student Council President Chase Culver. Because the show is now student led, there are a few adjustments that will be made. 

“It’s completely on Student Council members and the senior executives. It’s throwing everybody in a loop because we are now trying to figure out how to host a big event like this,” Culver said. 

Another main aspect of the competition that will be changed is instead of having open student talent show acts during the intermission of the pageant, groups like K-Pop, drumline and cheer will be performing instead. 

Former Mr.Wildcat contestant sophomore Zander Barkemeyer is beyond excited for the male pageant to be continued. 

“I’ve definitely been thinking about lots of ideas and trying them out to see what works,” Barkemeyer said. 

Barkemeyer also believes that the pageant being student led will express a new atmosphere for the competition. 

“I feel like it will give us more freedom to get more involved with the crowd. Students can connect better with other students rather than teachers,” Barkemeyer said. 

Not only are the contestants excited about Mr.Wildcat’s return, but DHS students who plan to attend are as well. 

“I’m happy to see the school trying to get involved with the community and having lots of school spirit,” sophomore Gabby Sirabella said. 

In general, DHS Stuco and the senior executives plan to put in a lot of work to successfully bring the event back.