DHS teacher retires after 26 years of teaching

A farewell to Mrs.Rhodes


Deleana Marquez

English teacher Donna Rhodes teaches during her Honors English 10 class on Jan. 15, 2020.

Deleana Marquez, Staff Reporter

May 25, 2020 will not only mark the end of another school year, but it will also be the end of English teacher Donna Rhodes’ career. After 26 years of teaching,  Rhodes is choosing to retire due to a medical condition that is known as Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia. AGT is a disorder of the fifth cranial nerve that can often cause a dull burning pain to the people afflicted with this disorder. 

Rhodes has tried numerous treatments to deal with her condition that includes medication, radiation and even brain surgery. 

“[ATG] is making it difficult to keep up with and enjoy my job that I love,’’ Rhodes said. “There’s really not a lot more the doctors can do to give me regular and effective pain relief.”

Rhodes did not go into this school year with retirement in mind, but after a painfully honest conversation with her neurologist, she realized that retirement was the best choice for her health.  

Retirement is a touchy subject for Rhodes.

“Right now, I am heartbroken, but I know this change is for the best. I am sure there is something else I can do to stay busy and feel useful. After I survive the transition period, I am confident that I will continue learning and will learn to love whatever it is I end up doing,” Rhodes said.

Unlike a lot of people who retire and want to take some time to relax, Rhodes has other plans. 

“After I retire, I would really like to grab my colored pens and travel the country correcting spelling, syntax and grammar errors on signs, menus [and] pamphlets.” 

It is safe to say that Rhodes will be incredibly missed by De Soto High School students and staff and her many years of teaching at DHS are greatly appreciated.

“I am going to miss her because she is one of the funniest teachers I know, and she has very good stories. I can tell that she loves her job, which makes her class very fun,” sophomore Lily Werner said.