Displaying the future of the Wildcats


Natalie Nusz

A picture of the wall congratulating the seniors, which is located in the main hallway.

Natalie Nusz, Staff Reporter

This school year, De Soto High School administration started a wall entitled “Class of 2020, Congrats on Your Future.” The idea was presented by Principal Sam Ruff and started with the help of the Culture Club. 

“It’s the committee that really focuses on student-teacher engagement and showing students’ success,” said teacher and dance coach Emily Thayer.  

The wall is meant to provide an opportunity for senior students to showcase their plans for the future. This could include a wide range of achievements, from college admission letters to army recruitment letters. No matter what the seniors plan to do, they can display it for the school to see.  

“It is really about what the class of 2020 and what their future is, or their next choice,” Thayer said.

Many members of the staff and student body have enjoyed seeing the success of the DHS students. The wall is said to be a part of De Soto for future generations of wildcats to have the opportunity as well.  

“It is just a way for our kids to show that they have been accepted into that next level and that we are proud of them,” Thayer said. 

The wall is only growing as more seniors seek to demonstrate their success. The underclassmen are encouraged to recognize and honor the goals their peers have met. Students often work hard without recognition and this wall is a way to encourage them on their path to success. Some students on the wall have already received kind words of encouragement. 

“Seeing the papers on the wall and being congratulated for that is a really big deal, so I think they should continue it,” senior Kyra Halvorsen said.


The process for submitting a  form for the wall is very simple. If students hand their forms to Thayer, she will ensure the papers go on the wall with the help of other staff members.

“Congratulating the seniors, supporting them and being happy for them is something that they [underclassmen] can take away from that,” Halvorsen said. 

The wall is a fun way to encourage the students of DHS and will continue expanding. The seniors who have participated in the wall recommend the opportunity to their fellow seniors, as well as the future generations of wildcats. 

“It is cool seeing other seniors applications and knowing where they will go,” Halvorsen said.