De Soto’s new program: Film a Compliment

De Soto's new program: Film a Compliment

Abby Campbell, Staff Reporter

De Soto High School has brought a new program to students this year, with a simple yet meaningful purpose that can easily make somebody’s day. 

Film a Compliment is a new program that allows students to record themselves recognizing somebody who has positively affected them in some aspect.

“It allows people the opportunity to compliment others and to publicly acknowledge the positive impact of fellow Wildcats,” Principal Sam Ruff said. 

All of the compliments are posted and shared on Instagram, a user friendly and popular social media for many in high school under the dhswildcatnation page. 

DHS teacher and Student Council sponsor Katie Meserko was also a major contributor to the idea of Film a Compliment. 

“It’s constantly being on social media in the presence of positivity, and that’s the goal we want to set at DHS,” Meserko said. 

Any student is able to participate and email a positive video to Meserko at [email protected] Videos are put into a stockpile and are posted often for students and others to see on the DHS Instagram page. (dhswildcatnation)

Students like freshman Trever Tilton have sent in videos to help promote this positive program. 

“I chose to compliment Nic Weaver because he is a good person and a good friend. He’s always happy, he always has a good attitude, and he’s always on top of things,” Tilton said. 

Overall, all students in the DHS community are encouraged to send a video talking about somebody who has influenced them in a positive way.