Students go on college visits

Students go on college visits

Jack McCracken, Staff

Recently, juniors at De Soto High School went on college visits sponsored by the school. They visited one of these selected schools: University of Kansas, Kansas State University, Missouri Western University, Washburn University, Emporia State University or Pitt State University.

“College visits give students the opportunity to get a sense for what the campus is like and meet university personnel,”  counselor Lindsay Hothan said.

Many students feel that college visits can help them plan and look forward to the future.

 “When I toured some colleges that I had thought would be better [than my first choice], it disappointed me, but for others it helped relieved some doubts,” senior Taylor Ellis said.

With college right around the corner for many high school students, students feel it is important to look ahead.

“The recent college visit at Kansas University was a good experience to prepare and see what college will be like,” junior Wyatt Noll said.

College visits are available for any students planning or looking at colleges.  They can help give an idea of what a student is looking for in their new home.

“It is never too early to start planning or start thinking about college or visits,” Hothen said.

Moving from high school to college can be a difficult adjustment for some students. College visits allow students to get a better idea of what college is like and prepare for it.

“Being able to go on a college visit helped me better understand what life was like at the universities, and I was also able to see what each university has to offer,” Ellis said.

College Visits allow students to adjust and see ahead of their possible future.