Scholar’s Bowl starts again

Varsity Scholars Bowl takes 4th Place at a recent tournament.


Varsity Scholars Bowl takes 4th Place at a recent tournament.

Natalie Nusz, Staff Reporter

 Scholars Bowl, which is led by English and ACT Prep teacher Phillip Hamilton, has recently begun its practices and competitions. The team is determined to be successful after very strong previous seasons. 

“During the past few years, we have had a lot of success, but some of our stronger members have gone off to college and aren’t here. We [the Scholars Bowl team] are just building from the ground up and trying to figure out what our vibe as a team is going to be and how well we can be this year, ” said junior Scholars Bowl member Abi Yarbrough. 

The practices are led by Hamilton, but may be student led when he is not present. The team meets after school every day and practices their rounds. The busy season and frequent practices have allowed for a diverse group of students to come together. 

“We have at least one meet every week, so it’s a busy season and really involved activity,” Yarbrough said. “We have people from every different side of the school, so it’s a really good blend of people,”  Yarbrough said. 

Competitions have already begun with the most recent having occurred on Oct. 29. The students on the team are passionate about competing and Hamilton believes this season will be a success. 

“Last year was the first year we didn’t make it to State since I have been here, which was kind of disappointing. We were in a rebuilding face after winning the State championship in 2018, so now our goal is to return to State and I think that we can do that,” Hamilton said. 

Hamilton has previously won 10 medals as a coach at state Scholars Bowl tournaments and has been a very well respected coach. The atmosphere he creates for members is very inclusive and relaxed. 

“It’s been kind of nice to have a segment that the team is really interested in and have a good time in practice to try and get better, enjoy each other’s company and bond as a team,” Hamilton said.