Students create new Twitter account to highlight DHS athletics


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The account ran by seniors Samuel Hashagen and Lane Warner can be found on Twitter with the username @barstooldhscats.

Camryn Robbinson, Editor in Chief

Twitter is a heavily used app for many clubs at De Soto High School. Groups such as student council, cheer and marketing are all active on Twitter to push news about important events out to the student body. A new account, highlighting the different sports events at De Soto and reaching out to other high schools with similar accounts, plays a similar role in the involvement of the student body. 

According to the account creator, senior Samuel Hashagen, he was inspired to make the “barstool” account after noticing Olathe schools having similar accounts. 

“I thought it would be fun to do for the school spirit . . . and it allows students to increase school spirit in a fun way,” Hashagen said. 

The term “barstool” has no official definition; however, many colleges have their own accounts to raise school spirit and show off the fun things they are doing on campus to other universities. These accounts sparked attention after became popular. Similar to the Twitter accounts, the website is a pop culture blog covering sports highlights. Because of the simplicity, the website has since influenced the creation of barstool Twitter accounts around the world. Barstool accounts are also known as a platform to talk competitively between other school rivals. 

“The account entails me giving out information for upcoming sports games and tweeting out to other schools who also have barstool accounts, such as Basehor,” Hashagen said. 

Although Hashagen is the mastermind behind the account, some of his friends helped to start the account up and actually help tweet content out to the public. Seniors Lane Warner, Colton Jones and Mason Parrish have also contributed to the creation of the account. 

Warner specifically has played a major role with the creation of the account.

“I helped design the logo and help with the pictures [on the account],” Warner said. “I think it’s a good account to follow because it helps hype up sporting events and gets people excited.”

Not only does the account share sports highlights from football, cross country, soccer and volleyball, but they post the final scores of the games as well. For senior Adison Reinertsen, the account makes it easier for other students and parents to keep up on sporting events. 

“The account is convenient because it helps me stay up to date on the different sporting events that I may not have been able to attend and it is easier to look up on Twitter rather than wait to see it on the digital signage at school,” Reinertsen said. 

With the account already over 100 followers after the first month, Hashagen believes they can hit the 200 mark by the end of the year. 

Hashagen and Warner hope to keep the account alive even when they graduate in May.

“We are looking to pass the account down to a junior if we can find someone willing to keep the account alive and someone who can be responsible with it,” Warner said.

Students can find this account on Twitter with the user name @barstooldhscats to stay updated on sporting events at De Soto.