Stuco officers elected for next school year

Seniors Chase Culver and Lucas Nascimento hung up posters for the 2019-20 student council election in April of 2019.

Seniors Chase Culver and Lucas Nascimento hung up posters for the 2019-20 student council election in April of 2019.

Ellie Fowks, Editor-in-Chief

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With the 2018-19 school year coming to an end, Student Council elected its new officers for the next year. Junior Chase Culver was elected president and junior Lucas Nascimento was chosen to be vice president. They expressed their plans for the next year.

Why did you run for vice president/vice president?

Culver: I ran for president because I feel that De Soto High School has a chance of being even more amazing than it is, and I felt that I could lead Student Council in making this happen. I love De Soto and want every student to walk away and say that they appreciated the four years they spent here. We are required to be here, so why not make it fun?

Nascimento: I ran for vice president because I wanted to make a change in De Soto and Student Council. I feel like I could improve the functionality of Student Council and the voice it has in the school as well as creating a better atmosphere for our students.

What changes are you hoping to make?

Culver: Some changes I am hoping to make is making school events more inclusive and a much bigger deal. I want students to say “homecoming was so much fun” instead of “homecoming kinda sucked.” I also want to find a functional way of being able to hear the students voice regarding every single decisions that involved StuCo in anyway. From school policy, to spirit week themes, I want the student body to be the central focus.

Nascimento:  I’m hoping to make the school a better place for all students. In addition to that, [I want to] help create more pride for the school and create a supportive place.

What is your main goal while in office?

Nascimento: A goal of mine within StuCo is to work more with our community and the surrounding cities in the form of volunteering. I would like to get people more involved in helping out and hopefully spread that attitude to others around the school and community. [I] also would like to work with the administrators to create clearer communication and pan out problems that hinder our school from growing.

How do you plan to reach those goals?

Nascimento: I plan to set up goals to accomplish that are manageable and get something started that later generations can really build on and then just work with administrators as much as possible and see how much they can compromise.