DHS Student Council post viral videos on YouTube

Senior Daniel Smith imitates a teacher in Student Council’s viral YouTube video which was published on Sept. 22 2017.

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Senior Daniel Smith imitates a teacher in Student Council’s viral YouTube video which was published on Sept. 22 2017.

Camryn Robbinson, News Editor

For several years now, De Soto High School’s Student Council has remained consistent with posting videos on YouTube to show the school during pep assemblies. This year in particular, it has been noticed that the videos being posted are receiving hundreds of thousands of views.  

The most viewed video on the DHS StuCo YouTube channel has almost 200,000 views and consists of students light-heartedly making fun of common stereotypes teachers may have. These stereotypes, including not being able to work the projector, eating even when their class rules state otherwise and sticking their behinds in student’s faces when bending down to help another peer.

Junior Ashlen Boresow played the role of a teacher who struggled on how to work the  projector. She jokingly walks around the room pointing the remote to the device, eventually ending up in the hallway. When Boresow was helping with the creation of this video, she had no idea it would become as popular as it proved to be on YouTube.

“We [StuCo] thought this video would be funny for DHS students, but we had no idea that so many other people would find it to be this amusing,” Boresow said.

The many people who did view the video took their opinions to the comment section. Out of the 400 comments added to the video, most of them came from other students from around the world. These fellow students left positive reviews about how accurate the scenarios were, some even commented scenarios that StuCo forgot to add.

A popular comment from the username Leisi_ suggested that the infamous saying of “The bell does not dismiss you, I do” should be added to a part two video. The 1,000-plus likes and 17 other comments seem to agree that a part two should be created.

“Students Acting Like teachers,” is not the only video that has gone viral on YouTube. The video titled “Teachers Recreating Vines” has proven to be very popular with over 7,000 views. Also created by StuCo, this video was intentionally made for last year’s prom pep assembly. Similarly, this video was not expected to become viral.

Several DHS students shared that these videos would show up in their recommended page on YouTube. According to junior StuCo member Chase Culver, what started out as a joke to make DHS students laugh, soon became something that made people from around the world relate to one another.

With the new-found fame, StuCo plans to remain consistent in uploading videos on YouTube.