Jaguar Robotics Team 1810 fundraises for a successful season


Jaguar Robotics Team 1810 members carry their robot to competition.

Erin Pickert, Staff Reporter

Jaguar Robotics Team 1810 has incorporated new ways to fundraise at De Soto High School  in order to prepare for their spring 2019 season.

The robotics team is made up of students from both Mill Valley and De Soto, who have been fundraising all summer in order to build their robot for competition.

One fundraising method the robotics team introduced was a robot programmed as a t-shirt cannon at the homecoming football game hosted at DHS on September 14.

“We’ve seen it [t-shirt cannons] at really big things like baseball games and wanted to see if we could get the same reaction,” senior Savannah Stine said.

Savannah is on the Jaguar Robotics Team 1810 and helps with the team’s marketing.

“We’ve done a lot of [fundraising] at Mill Valley football games before, this is our first year trying to expand [fundraising] out to De Soto,” Stine added. “People who compared … Mill Valley to De Soto said it [the fundraiser] was much more successful and people were very interested in the robotics.”

Besides the t-shirt cannon, the robotics team also set up a snow cone stand at the football game, which brought in a lot of support and money.

“It takes a lot of money to build a robot every year. The parts are very expensive and it also costs a lot to go to regionals, which is about $1,000 to enter,” Stine said.

Stine added that the robotics team is always looking for sponsors and opportunities to fundraise so that they can compete come springtime.

For the team, regionals will take place in March or April. With added funds from the game, Jaguar Robotics Team 1810 is looking forward to a successful season.