Volleyball team hosts Power Volleyball competition

Senior Bryce Mohl sets the ball at the Power Volleyball game on Nov 29.

Camryn Robbinson

Senior Bryce Mohl sets the ball at the Power Volleyball game on Nov 29.

Rylee Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

The De Soto High School volleyball team held the first ever Power Volleyball boys’ volleyball tournament on Nov. 29. Around 40 boys from all four grades participated in the tournament. 16 staff members also participated in the event, playing on 2 staff teams. The senior 1 team ultimately won the tournament, beating out the senior 2 team in the final round.


The event raised money for the volleyball team, and members of the team served as coaches.


Senior Riley Moore coached the senior 2 team.


“We had one practice before hand and we worked on the basics of volleyball and showed them what position they would be,” Moore said. “The day of, we turned them loose to do their own thing and cheered them on.”


Senior Connor Strouse was on the winning senior 1 team.


“Everyone thinks volleyball is easy, but we all realized it was a lot harder,” Strouse said. We all had fun and we’re super competitive.”


Strouse attributed his team’s win to this teammates’ spirit throughout the game.


“We were high energy and having fun,” Strouse said. “We were trying to win, because that’s just who we are.”


Moore helped her team throughout the tournament game.


“We gave them a few pointers. We told them where to stay on the court and gave them tips every now and them,” Moore said.


While the teams kept a friendly competitive atmosphere throughout the game, Strouse was proud of his team’s accomplishments.


“Winning felt great. We get to shove that championship right in their [the other team’s] face, because we’re the better senior squad,” Strouse said.


The volleyball team is hoping to host the event again next year.


“I think we’ll do it next year. It was really fun and got a lot of people involved,” Moore said.