Students prepare for AP testing

Rachael Hopkins, Sports Editor

The time of year has come around again for Advanced Placement students to take a test for a chance at college credit. Many students at De Soto High School are taking the AP exam with hopes of a passing grade.

A student new to taking the AP test is  junior Hannah Knight, who took the test for the first time on May 1.

“I took the test for my AP Chemistry class, and it went well,” Knight said. “[I took the test] to see what score I could get and to see how much information I obtained.”

According to Knight, she anticipated the difficulty of the test and put many hours into studying, but just like with any test there are easy and hard parts.

“The worst [part of the test] was how long it was and the best was the potential outcome that could happen,” Knight said. “[To prepare] I bought two AP Chemistry Books and read those and took a few practice tests.”

Senior Mackenzie Smith also took an AP exam but for a different class and for different reasons.

“I wanted to take it [the test] because DHS doesn’t offer Johnson County Community College credit for Psychology, and I wanted to get college credit,” Smith said.

Both Smith and Knight had different emotions before beginning the exam.

“To prepare, I went through a lot of flashcards, took practice tests and went over my notes,” Smith said. “Before the test, I felt pretty calm. I wasn’t stressed at all.”

Unlike Smith, Knight being the first-time tester, felt the nerves of the possible outcomes but knew everything would go well.

“[Before we started] I was nervous, but then again I wasn’t because I knew it had no effect on my grade,” Knight said.