Junior interested in college sports


Junior Alexa Rosetta passes a volleyball during a game.

Rachael Hopkins, Sports Editor

Junior student Alex Rosetta came to De Soto High School for the 2016-17 school year and may potentially play volleyball at DHS her senior year. She hopes to play after graduating at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

Rosetta has been playing volleyball since she was young and plays other sports outside of volleyball but also hopes to play in college because she enjoys it more.

“I started playing recreational volleyball when I was seven and started club when I was nine and I have been playing club ever since,” Rosetta said.

Despite not playing her junior year after transferring to DHS due to transfer rules, Rosetta played her freshman year and enjoyed it in a school setting.

“I’ve never played here at DHS. I played at my old school Saint James Academy before I transferred my freshman year but couldn’t play my sophomore year,” Rosetta said.

According to Rosetta she hopes to pursue the University of Colorado Colorado Springs because of other reasons than just volleyball.

“They have the specific major [I want to do] which is criminal psychology I also want to have a minor in special education,” Rosetta said. “I really want to live in Colorado when I get older, and I don’t like huge schools. Also being in a bigger community and getting out of this state just to see something different.”

Playing a sport in college is an opportunity that many students hope for, just like Rosetta. She says that having the sport to rely on may help the transition into a college in a different state easier.

“I’m excited for kinda having something to rely on and something to make me want to be in college more,” Rosetta said. “It will keep me busy to where I’m not constantly sitting down and I’ll always be active and in shape. It will help in meeting new people and kind of like being around other girls more.”

Rosetta is excited to see what the future may bring with her volleyball and academic path at The University of Colorado Colorado Springs.