Prom committee hard at work


Rachael Hopkins

Junior prom committee member Holly Capling plans decorations Feb 1. for Prom.

Rachael Hopkins, Sports Editor

De Soto High School’s Prom committee is hard at work to make this year’s Prom the best one yet.

The committee consists of 47 members and has planned for the 2017 dance to be held on April 29.

With efforts to raise money for the dance, the committee has participated in fundraisers such as the Natalie M. Foundation Fashion Show and a bake sale held in the library. They will also sell snacks to parents and administration at parent teacher conferences.

“So far we have done a bake sale and a few other fundraisers that were very successful,” said junior co-vice president Josie Bedford. “We are still planning to do more fundraisers currently.”

 According to junior co-vice president Payton Faddis, the committee has not yet decided on a theme for the dance because the theme is still being voted on.

  “We are not for sure on the theme for the dance yet,” Faddis said. “We are still trying to get a final vote between the choices of Enchanted Night or Rustic Romance.”

Unlike last year’s Casino Royale theme, this year’s dance is expected to be different in many ways.

“Prom will be different because this year it will be held in Lawrence,” Bedford said. “We also tried to choose themes that would be as different as we could from last year’s.”

The Prom committee plans to continue their hard work in the future to make the highly anticipated dance the best one of the year.