Sixth annual breast cancer awareness fundraiser held by marketing class


Rachael Hopkins

Flyer made by the marketing class to promote t-shirt sales.

Rachael Hopkins, Sports Editor

This year, the sixth annual breast cancer awareness fundraiser is taking place at De Soto High School. The fundraiser is held and t-shirts are made to raise awareness for breast cancer by the Marketing I class.

“The Marketing I class [runs the fundraiser], and they get support from the Marketing II students if needed. Also, any student that is interested in being involved is welcome,” Business teacher Tom Byers said. “We also get some assistance from Student Council on Friday nights for the fundraiser.”

Many students like junior Makenzie Dalrymple think the fundraiser is a great way to fundraise for a good cause.

“I think it’s a good idea to raise money for a good cause and to get students involved by making shirts,” Dalrymple said.

According to Byers, the purpose of the fundraiser is “to bring awareness to all of our students and staff about cancer and to take care of ourselves. Ultimately, we want to raise money for a great cause,” Byers said.

In the past, the marking class has been very successful with this fundraiser. The beneficiary of the proceeds for this fundraiser as chosen by the marketing class is the University of Kansas Hospital and Cancer Center.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser first began when Byers was the head coach of the DHS football team and had been contacted by the NFL about their breast cancer campaign “The Crucial Catch.” Their program’s goal was to extend the fundraiser to the high school level.

Byers hopes to continue the fundraiser next year.