3rd annual 5th quarter


Rachael Hopkins

Sophomore team competes on Jan. 15 during the 5th quarter dodge ball tournament.

Rachael Hopkins, Staff Reporter

The De Soto High School Cat Pride hosted the third annual 5th Quarter event after the varsity basketball games on Jan. 15.

5th Quarter consisted of a dodge ball tournament, a movie in the Black Box, and Lite team hosted activities in the commons. The event was held in the auxiliary gym at DHS from 9 to 11:30 p.m.

Students were able to sign up for a dodge ball team during their lunch periods the week prior to the event. Each dodge ball team consisted of eight members.

A ticket raffle was also held during the 5th Quarter event. The prize pack included various gift cards worth $75 dollars and DHS spirit wear.

According to junior Cat Pride member Jackie Kennard, the main goal of 5th Quarter is to encourage positive decision making after the games.

“5th Quarter is a place that students can come after the game instead of going out and doing things that could potentially get them in trouble,” Kennard said.

Many students like sophomore Darren Winans agreed that this event was a way for the student body to come together and have a fun time while being with their friends.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for the student body to get together and celebrate spirit week for WPA,” Winans said.

Sophomore Kyle Bell also participated in 5th Quarter but enjoyed it for different reasons.

“I played dodgeball and i think it’s a good chance to show off my arm strength and to play with and also against my friends,” Bell said.

Bell and Winans team “Sit down boy” won the championship at the second annual 5th Quarter last year, and according to Winans, the team was striving to win the championship again this year.

Principal Dustin Mortenson encouraged the event because 5th Quarter was an experience that students could use to bond and get to know one another.