Freshman STUCO elections

Rachael Hopkins, Staff Reporter

This year the De Soto High School student council is having an election for freshmen representatives to join at the beginning of second semester.

An informational meeting was held on Nov. 18 for any freshmen interested in being in STUCO.

As of now, the freshmen class has a total of four representatives to vote and make decisions.

One of the freshman representatives, Mackenzie Bryant, is excited for the election and the changes it will bring.

“The new representatives can help to make decisions because the freshmen now don’t really contribute to any decisions,” Bryant said. “[I’m excited for] the election because it will give the freshman class more of a vote instead of just the upperclassmen getting a say.

Junior representative Becca Clancy also recognized and is glad to see the positive changes the election will allow.

“It’s a good way for freshmen to start getting leadership in the school and have more people and more say for their class rather than just four representatives. This way, they have a semester to get to know each other from the different middle schools and be voted in,” Clancy said.

According to STUCO sponsor Katie Meserko, each year two students from Lexington Trails Middle School and Mill Creek Middle School are chosen during their eighth grade year to be a representative in STUCO for their freshman year.

“We usually have a total of 10 [representatives] per grade so we are adding six more freshman so it’s even throughout all of the grades,” Meserko said.

During the STUCO voting process there is one exception.

“If there is ever a tie then we will take both students, so ideally six more students for a total of ten like the other grades, but if there is a tie we always take both just in case,” Meserko said.

The students that chose to run for STUCO were able to campaign on Nov. 24 through Dec. 7. Freshmen will vote the week of Dec. 7 and will know the winners by the end of that week.