Students enjoy revised Early Release plan

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Students enjoy revised Early Release plan

Christa Senzel

Christa Senzel

Christa Senzel

Christa Stenzel, Arts Editor

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A new year at De Soto High School brings many new changes. One change students are noticing is the changes to Early Release.

There are three different types of Early Release, each with it’s own set of requirements and each open to a different group of students.

The most common form is 10-minute early release early every day and is open to both gold and platinum cardholders.

“Last year platinum card members were able to leave five minutes early,” Principal Dustin Mortenson said. “We wanted to move it to gold and platinum this year and do 10 minutes.”

Students as well as staff think this is a particularly beneficial type of Early Release.

“I think it’s a really smart thing to do because of the parking lot,” senior Julia Sanders said. “It should continue to work out well so that there is less traffic.”

The next type of Early Release is a monthly release from seminar on Fridays and is open only to platinum cardholders.

“I think it’s a good reward for students who try because people want to leave,” Sanders said.

Lastly, the newest form of Early Release is the one that has students talking. Following a grade check every other Tuesday, students with all As, Bs and Cs are released from seminar the following Wednesday.

“The first time we did it was just seniors and juniors. Next week it will be seniors, juniors and sophomores,” Mortenson said. “When we do it the next time it will be seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen.”

Overall, there is at least one early release opportunity for all students who are in good standing and are using Seminar effectively.

“The purpose of Seminar is to get good grades and engagement in school,” Mortenson said. “If you have good grades then we want to reward you.”

Both Mortenson and students find early release beneficial.

“Our philosophy is to reward students who are responsible with more freedoms,” Mortenson said. “Early Release is just a pat on the back saying ‘thank you.’”

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