Senior Kate Barger wins $70,000 scholarship

Jordan Wolf, Sports Editor

In less than a week, the De Soto High School Class of 2015 will walk across the stage and receive their diplomas, and soon go away to either the workforce or to college, the latter of which is very expensive. One DHS senior has recently received some help in that area.

Senior Kate Barger will attend the University of Arkansas next year, with plans to pursue a business degree. She recently received the Honors College Fellowship from the university, which is worth $17,500 per year, or $70,000 if renewed for all four years.

This money will cover nearly all of Barger’s expenses in college, from tuition to books to any extra programs she wishes to pursue. This makes her very happy.

“I’m super psyched, because it’s a lot of money,” Barger said.

The scholarship took a lot of work to receive. Barger first had to get admitted to the university, which she did during the first semester of her senior year and choose to enter the honors program. She then had to apply for the scholarship, which included an application form and an essay. More than 700 incoming freshmen from across the nation did this much.

After a few weeks, Barger received word that she was chosen as one of 150 finalists. She then drove down to Fayetteville, to complete the next stages. This included a timed essay and an interview. At the time, she was worried she wouldn’t win.

“I was really nervous because I didn’t think I would get it, because I’m an awkward person, and I didn’t feel very comfortable about my essay,” Barger said.

However, a week later, she learned she was chosen as one of the recipients of the award. Of all that apply, 70 – 80 recipients are chosen every year. This separates Barger as one of the top-level members of the honors college.

Part of her receiving such a prestigious recognition was her involvement in the school. She is the senior class president, a member of both National Honor’s Society and A&M Crew, a drum major in the band, a member of the State Scholar’s Bowl team, a varsity cross country and track runner and, on top of all of that, an AP student.

Her impact is certainly felt by other members of the DHS community.

“Kate is a great student and finds a way to be involved in everything in the school. She is awesome because she does everything,” English teacher Phillip Hamilton said.

In a few short days, Barger, along with much of her class, will graduate high school and enter the stressful world of college. Thanks to a hefty scholarship, some of this stress will be lifted away.