Students enjoy shortened finals schedule

Kelsea Burns, Opinion Editor

This year, De Soto High School finals schedule was shortened, treating students to two half days on the last week of school.

In the past, students were required to attend school all day on finals week. This year, students only had to attend the two classes that they had finals in and had seminar in between. They are much happier with the change.

“I think the half days have helped a lot because it’s easier to get through a whole day,” sophomore Lyndsey Fowks said. “With just two finals a day, it is shorter.”

Other students agree.

“I think it is more efficient because the seminar before class gives me time to have last minute studying,” junior Megan Bonar said. “And I can just go home and not stress about pointless classes that I don’t have to be here for.”

Some students, including Bonar, would even like to see some of these changes, such as Seminar in the middle of the day, extended to the regular school day.

“A lot of people don’t do their homework anyway. So, if you do it in the beginning of the day, they can get homework done before class,” Bonar said. “At the end of the day, nobody wants to work anymore.”

Some disagree with Bonar.

“I think it’s good for being in the middle of the day with finals, but not normally. I like it at the end of the day,” Fowks said. “It’s just like after you finish all of your classes, you can go there and work on all of your homework. But with finals, it gives you time in between your finals to prepare for your next one.”

The change was made by the district calendar committee, which is made up of different teachers and negotiators. The decision was made last year, and the current draft for next year also has half days planned for finals.

The only aspect that was decided by the committee was the time of day that students had to be released. The actual schedule was determined by the principals.

“Each high school principal had the ability to make their schedule for their finals. We made it a full day on Monday and Tuesday, and I liked the idea of a break in between finals on the half days,” Principal Mark Meyer said. “It also helped students who needed a bit of review time or go catch up with somebody for their test. It also worked out with the flexibility of the cafeteria. This way we could make sure they could provide nourishment to students who need it or want it.”

Meyer is happy with the schedule  and has had very good feedback from students.

“I’m glad to hear that [students] like it,” Meyer said. “It’s always hit or miss but so far I’ve had very positive feed back.”